Which of the following would cause entropy to decrease? (2023)

Which of the following would cause entropy to decrease?

Explanation: Entropy decreases when the number of moles of gas decreases during a reaction. In the case of the correct answer, the number of moles of gas decreases from two to one.

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Which of the following would cause entropy to decrease brainly?

Answer: The products becoming more ordered than the reactants.

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What things decrease entropy?

Processes that decrease entropy
  • Freezing, and condensation.
  • Reactions that combine two molecules into one (addition)
  • Reactions that reduce the number of gas molecules.
  • Reactions that make a molecule more rigid (going from long chains to inflexible rings)

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What shows a decrease in entropy?

In an endothermic reaction, the external entropy (entropy of the surroundings) decreases.

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In which of the following processes does the entropy decrease ?`?

The evaporation of water. The conversion of `CO_2` gas into dry ice.

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When can the entropy of a system decrease?

The entropy of a system decreases only when it interacts with some other system whose entropy increases in the process. That is the law.

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Which process is an example of entropy decreasing quizlet?

The second law of thermodynamics. Which process is an example of entropy decreasing? Steam condenses to liquid water.

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How can life decrease entropy?

An organism that can interact with its surroundings can expel entropy via heat, to gain local order and reduce local entropy. Global disorder still increases, but for that organism, the ability to locally reduce entropy is literally a matter of life and death. An obvious example of this principle is humans.

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How does entropy increase or decrease?

Entropy generally increases when a reaction produces more molecules than it started with. Entropy generally decreases when a reaction produces fewer molecules than it started with.

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Does entropy decrease with temperature?

Entropy increases as temperature increases. An increase in temperature means that the particles of the substance have greater kinetic energy. The faster-moving particles have more disorder than particles that are moving slowly at a lower temperature.

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Which of the following changes decreases the entropy of a sample?

condensation, which involves the transformation of a gas to a liquid state and releasing heat to outside the system, decreases the entropy of a system.

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Under what condition can the entropy of a system be decreased quizlet?

Entropy decreases when work is done on a system. specifically, adiabatic work or by inputting heat without changing the temperature ideally.

Which of the following would cause entropy to decrease? (2023)
What is the only way entropy can decrease?

Entropy is generated everywhere and always (and thus overall increased), at any scale without exception (including life processes, open systems, micro-fluctuations, gravity, or entanglement). Entropy cannot be destroyed by any means, at any scale, and thus, entropy cannot overall decrease.

What 4 factors cause entropy to increase?

4 Factors that affects the Entropy of a chemical system:
  • 1) Change in Phase (Physical State)
  • 2) Change in Temperature.
  • 3) Change in Number of Particles (especially for Gases)
  • 4) Mixing of Particles.
Jul 11, 2019

Which of these cause a decrease in entropy within a cell?

Answer and Explanation: a) anabolic reactions. CORRECT - this would decrease the entropy of the cells by producing new tissues with greater organization (graeter order) from more disordered building block molecules.

How do you know if entropy increases or decreases?

Entropy increases as you go from solid to liquid to gas, and you can predict whether entropy change is positive or negative by looking at the phases of the reactants and products. Whenever there is an increase in gas moles, entropy will increase.

What factor affects entropy the most?

  • Phase of Matter. The most significant factor affecting entropy is the phase of matter: ...
  • Higher Temperature, Higher Entropy. ...
  • Higher Volume, Higher Entropy. ...
  • Higher Number of Particles, Higher Entropy. ...
  • A Change in the Number of Moles of Gas. ...
  • Phase Changes. ...
  • A Change in Complexity of the Substances.

What happens if entropy decreases?

As, the entropy of universe decreases then it will start shrinking.

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