What happened to angie sylvers forehead? [Solved] (2022)

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What was the number 1 song in the 70s?

Debby Boone's “You Light Up My Life” wasn't just the longest-running No. 1 hit of the 1970s. It was the longest-running song in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 up until that point (besting Elvis' double A-side “Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog”).... read more ›


What was the number one song of the 80s?

Biggest #1 Hits of the 80's (US)
11.Olivia Newton-John Physical / The Promise (The Dolphin Song) (1981) [Single] 10 weeks - 1981/82
88.Blondie / Giorgio Moroder Call Me (1980) [Single] 6 weeks - 1980 RYM #1906
6 weeks - 1980 RYM #1906
99.Kenny Rogers Lady / Sweet Music Man (1980) [Single] 6 weeks - 1980
6 weeks - 1980
73 more rows

(Video) American Bandstand 1976- Interview The Sylvers

What happened to The Sylvers?

With the disco backlash of the early 1980s, so went the fortunes of The Sylvers. After several unsuccessful album releases, on several labels, the band officially disbanded in 1985. Several Sylvers would continue to do studio work, playing and singing background vocals for artists including Janet Jackson.... read more ›

(Video) American Bandstand 1979- Interview The Sylvers

What was the biggest hit of the 1970s?

Top 100 Songs of the 70s
  • HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE by Bee Gees.
  • YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE by Debby Boone.
  • LE FREAK by Chic.
  • STAYIN' ALIVE by Bee Gees.
  • Y.M.C.A. by Village People.
  • SHADOW DANCING by Andy Gibb.
  • HOT STUFF by Donna Summer.

(Video) The Sylvers - Hot Line (1976) Original Promo Video
(Warmer Music Videos)

What's the number 1 song of all time?

Therefore, “Blinding Lights” surpassed Chubby Checker's 1960s classic “The Twist” as the all-time No. 1 song, spending 90 total weeks on the Hot 100 Chart.... see more ›

(Ashley SaysSo)

What is the most famous old song?

The Results: The 50 Most Iconic Songs of All Time
  • I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Rolling Stones.
  • Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan.
  • Hey Jude, The Beatles.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen.
  • Billie Jean, Michael Jackson.
  • One, U2.
  • Imagine, John Lennon.
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana.
Oct 1, 2015

What happened to angie sylvers forehead? [Solved] (2022)

What was the biggest selling song of the 80's?

  • Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas?
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax.
  • Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You.
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes.
  • The Human League - Don't You Want Me?
  • Wham - Last Christmas.
  • Culture Club - Karma Chameleon.

What band had the most hits in the 80s?

Kool & the Gang

1 his, their ripples of popularity reached the Hot 100 on a regular basis. Earning that distinction 18 times with tracks like "Too Hot," "Joanna," and "Get Down on It," Kool & the Gang are a high quality 1980s mainstay.... see more ›

What happened to The Sylvers dad?

After a ten-month battle with lung cancer, Edmund Sylvers died at a Virginia hospital on March 11, 2004, at age 47.... see more ›

Who died from The Sylvers?

Edmund Sylvers, former lead singer of '70s family group the Sylvers, died March 11 after a battle with lung cancer.... continue reading ›

Which of The Sylvers was kidnapped?

Olympia was kidnapped and seriously assaulted as a youngster and was diagnosed with schizophrenia in later life, Edmund died at 47 from lung cancer, Christopher (the youngest sibling who never performed) died from hepatitis in 1985 aged 18 and Foster went to prison and is a registered sex offender—the toll on the ...... view details ›

What was the biggest selling song of the 70s?

Best-selling singles
1"Mull of Kintyre"/"Girls' School"Wings
2"Rivers of Babylon"/"Brown Girl in the Ring"Boney M.
3"You're the One That I Want"John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
4"Mary's Boy Child"Boney M.
16 more rows

What was the #1 song in 1971?

Joy to the World
... continue reading ›

Who was the best selling artist of the 70s?

YearPerforming artist(s)Album
1970Simon and GarfunkelBridge over Troubled Water
1971Various ArtistsJesus Christ Superstar
1972Neil YoungHarvest
1973WarThe World Is a Ghetto
6 more rows

Who is the most famous female singer ever?

1: Aretha Franklin

Topping our list of the best female singers of all time, Aretha Franklin also stands as the most-charting female singer in history. Starting out in the gospel choir at her Baptist church, in Detroit, Franklin began her career as a recording artist in 1960, aged just 18.... view details ›

What was the #1 hit song in 1974?

The Way We Were
... see details ›

What is the most perfect song ever written?

The Beatles' 1968 track 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da' has been declared the most perfect pop song ever written by researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.... see details ›

What song has made the most money?

According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.... see details ›

Who is the best singer in the world?

Top 10 Best Singers of All Time
1Michael JacksonPop, Soul, Funk, R&B, Rock, Disco, & Dance
2Stevie WonderSoul, Pop, R&B, Funk, & Jazz
3Marvin GayeSoul, R&B, Funk, Pop, & Jazz
4Freddie MercuryHard Rock, Music Hall, Glitter, & Prog Rock
6 more rows
May 31, 2022

What is the most universally loved song?

Grierson deemed to be the most iconic:
  • " Smells Like Teen Spirit,"" Nirvana.
  • " Imagine,"" John Lennon.
  • " One,"" U2.
  • " Billie Jean,"" Michael Jackson.
  • " Bohemian Rhapsody,"" Queen.
  • " Hey Jude," The Beatles.
  • " Like A Rolling Stone," Bob Dylan.
  • " I Can't Get No Satisfaction," Rolling Stones.
Sep 24, 2015

What music do 60 year olds listen to?

Top hits for 60+ year olds
  • Pure 60's: The #1 Hits.
  • Aretha Franklin.
  • The Beatles.
  • Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.
  • The Rolling Stones.
  • Roy Orbison.
  • Simon & Garfunkel.
Sep 13, 2021
... see more ›

What is the coolest song in the world?

Here is the complete Top Ten Coolest Songs In The World list.
  • “ 3” - The Weeklings.
  • “ Oh Yeah!” - ...
  • “ 41 Miles To Roscoe” - The Midnight Callers.
  • “ Wild Man” - The Shadows of Knight.
  • “ Fake Friends” - L7 Official.
  • “ Got A New Thing” - Brian Ray.
  • “ Make Me Hot” - The Dollyrots.
Jan 3, 2021

Who has the most No 1 hits in the 80s?

Number ones

Michael Jackson had the highest number of top hits at the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the 1980s (9 songs). In addition, Jackson remained the longest at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the 1980s (27 weeks).... view details ›

What was the number 1 hit song in 1985?

The two longest running number-one singles of 1985 are "We Are the World" by USA for Africa and "Say You, Say Me" by Lionel Richie which each logged four weeks at number-one. "Say You, Say Me" logged two weeks at number-one in 1985 and two more additional weeks in 1986, reaching a total of four.... continue reading ›

What song spent the longest at number 1 in the 80s?

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You (10 weeks)... read more ›

Who was the most successful band of all time?

As of 2017, based on both sales claims and certified units, the Beatles are considered the highest-selling band.... see details ›

Who was called the queen of rock?

Janis Joplin was dubbed the first queen of rock 'n' roll, and her voice is singular. She was rough around the edges, vulnerable and charismatic, and she paved the way for countless women in rock. Mid-1960s San Francisco was a mecca for counterculture musicians.... read more ›

What was the number one song in 1979?

Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1979
1"My Sharona"The Knack
2"Bad Girls"Donna Summer
3"Le Freak"Chic
4"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"Rod Stewart
96 more rows

Are The Sylvers parents still alive?

It is with heavy hearts that the Sylvers Family announce the passing of our Mother, the extraordinary Mrs. Shirley Mae Sylvers. She made her transition surrounded by family love and will always be in our hearts and truly missed! Thank you all for respecting our privacy during this difficult time.... continue reading ›

How many siblings are in The Sylvers?

The Sylvers family consisted of ten siblings, nine of whom performed in the band at one point or another: Olympia Ann "Olan" Sylvers (born October 13, 1951) — vocals.... continue reading ›

Who were the Silvers?

The Sylvers... view details ›

Is Edmund Sylvers still alive?

... continue reading ›

How old is Edmund Sylvers?

... continue reading ›

What was the biggest selling single of the 70s?

Best-selling singles
1"Mull of Kintyre"/"Girls' School"Wings
2"Rivers of Babylon"/"Brown Girl in the Ring"Boney M.
3"You're the One That I Want"John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
4"Mary's Boy Child"Boney M.
16 more rows

What was the top selling song of the 70s?

If you missed the top 20 from the '60s, make sure to read that here.
  • 1. “ You Light Up My Life” – Debby Boone. ...
  • 2. “ Tonight's The Night (Gonna Be Alright)” – Rod Stewart. ...
  • 3. “ Le Freak” – Chic. ...
  • 4. “ How Deep Is Your Love” – Bee Gees. ...
  • 5. “ I Just Want To Be Your Everything” – Andy Gibb. ...
  • 6. “ ...
  • 7. “ ...
  • 8. “
Oct 28, 2014

What was the number one rock and roll song in 1970?

Top 100 Rock & Roll Songs in 1970
1Who'll Stop the Rain Creedence Clearwater Revival
2Instant Karma (We All Shine On) John Lennon
3My Sweet Lord George Harrison
4Let It Be The Beatles
96 more rows

What was top of the charts in 1970?

Top 100 Hits of 1970/Top 100 Songs of 1970
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel.
  • ( ...
  • American Woman / No Sugar Tonight - The Guess Who.
  • Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head - B.J. Thomas.
  • War - Edwin Starr.
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross.
  • I'll Be There - The Jackson 5.
  • Get Ready - Rare Earth.

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