What episode does naruto kiss hinata? (2023)

When did Naruto kiss Hinata?

Serving as a follow up to Naruto and Hinata's first kiss in 2014's The Last: Naruto the Movie, After The Last would help fill in the gaps between the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War and Naruto's tenure as Konoha's hokage, specifically Naruto and Hinata's budding romance.

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What episode does Naruto start dating Hinata?

What is this? Naruto realizes he has fallen in love with Hinata later on in the movie; The Last: Naruto, when the two go on a mission together. They even share a kiss at the end of the movie and officially start dating each other. The two eventually get married in the novel Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding.

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Who is Naruto first kiss?

His first real Kiss was with Hinata and so far that was her first Kiss too.

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Which episode does Naruto confess his love to Hinata?

"Confession" (告白, Kokuhaku) is episode 166 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

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Do Naruto and Hinata get divorced?

several recent speculations that naruto has been spending time with sasuke, above all, have reached us and we have decided to confirm this. the current episode shows naruto packing his bags in the middle of the night as hinata watches on, confirming that their marriage has ended.

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How did Naruto fall in love with Hinata?

While on the moon to save Hinata's kidnapped sister, Hanabi, the rescue team was bombarded with memories of their past thanks to a genjutsu. It's these memories that made Naruto realize how much he cared for Hinata and that he loved her as much as she loved him.

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Does Naruto love Hinata or Sakura?

Though there were only subtle hints of romance throughout the series, it was always apparent that Naruto had two potential love interests: Sakura and Hinata. Fans who stayed until the end know that Naruto eventually married Hinata while Sakura ended up with Sasuke, but it certainly did not go without much debate.

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Why did Naruto choose Hinata?

The only person who recognized his potential and the good in him was Hinata. Ever since she was young, she was fond of him and respected him. He also respected Hinata because she never gave up, no matter how insurmountable the task seemed.

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What episode does Naruto ask Hinata to marry him?

"Naruto's Wedding" (ナルトの結婚, Naruto no Kekkon) is episode 494 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

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Who took Sakura's V card?

I read from here that for an A-class ranked mission, Sakura teams up with Kakashi, her sensei, and according to the requirement of the mission, she loses her virginity to Kakashi.

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Who did Neji have a crush on?

Neji's first childhood crush seemed to have been Hinata, since he appeared infatuated with her and really willing and happy to protect her, calling her cute. They were occasionally implied to often train together as they are shown fighting side by side during the war.

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Who is Naruto's sister?

Mitsuha Senju

What episode does naruto kiss hinata? (2023)
Who kills Naruto?

Finally, Boruto regains control but realizes he's too much of a danger. Despite Naruto's protests, Boruto and Kawaki agree to end things. Boruto lets his brother impale him through the chest and kill him, much to his father's horror. All of this just makes Naruto's life so much more tragic than it already was.

In which episode Naruto dies?

Jutsu. "The Death of Naruto" (ナルト死す, Naruto Shisu) is episode 165 of the original Naruto anime.

What happens in Episode 167 Naruto: Shippūden?

Synopsis. After Hinata is seemingly killed by Pain, Naruto becomes enraged, causing Naruto to transform into his four-tailed form. The Nine-Tails then conjures a twister, which Pain is able to nullify with his Shinra Tensei.

Does Hinata still love Naruto?

21 The Last: Naruto The Movie Takes Way Too Long To Acknowledge Hinata's Confession. During Pain's assault, he knocks Naruto down. Out of love and desperation, Hinata stands herself between the two ninja. While doing this, Hinata finally confesses her love to Naruto, saying she'd gladly give up her life to save him.

What is Hinata's daughter name?

Hinata Hyuga

Why did Naruto marry so early?

And the reason why Naruto and his age group married together early is because I think of the Konoha 9 time together. Most of Naruto's age group married each other. And as such they had a lot of experiences as a kid that led them to loving each other marrying younger then Asuma and Kurenai who did not have such time.

Is Hinata blind in Naruto?

As a Hyūga, Hinata possesses the Byakugan, a dōjutsu that grants her penetrative vision in a near-360° around herself, with one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra.

Does Kiba like Hinata?

The two have a comfortable relationship, and are able to work well as a team. They care for each other, as evidenced by Hinata giving Kiba ointment after being defeated by Naruto and when Kiba was concerned for her health during the Chūnin Exam.

Is Boruto stronger than Naruto?

Right now there is no doubt that Naruto is much more powerful than Boruto, even with Momoshiki's Kama seal. The pair may be on comparable levels with Naruto lacking Kuruma, however, with Kuruma and his Baryon Mode Naruto is the strongest character in Boruto we've seen to date.

Who is Neji's wife?

Hinata Hyuga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Who Naruto love the most?

Naruto and Hinata are easily one of the most perfect romances in the entire series and is up there with couples like Temari and Shikamaru in terms of teases of the relationship.

Who likes Kakashi?

Hanare as a child. At one point, she met Kakashi Hatake and developed romantic feelings for him. Hanare, a spy from Jōmae Village from the Land of Keys, was summoned to infiltrate the Land of Fire and to investigate Konoha affairs. She was captured by Anbu and placed in the Honesty Room to be tortured.

Who is stronger Hinata or Sakura?

Although Sakura is physically stronger, Hinata can just evade all her attacks with her ocular jutsu. Then she can counter with some gentle fist moves preventing Sakura from being able to heal herself and whoop that butt from the inside out.

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