What does OBC stand for? (2023)

What is the meaning of OBC?

Other Backward Class is a category of population, created by the Government of India in year 1991 besides the existing categories (Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe) to refer to sections of society which were found to be educationally and socially backward at that time.

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What is the FF of OBC?

Other Backward Class is a collective term used by the Government of India to classify castes which are socially and educationally disadvantaged. It is one of the several official classifications of the population of India, along with Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (SCs and STs).

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How many OBC are in India?

The data shows that of an estimated 17.24 crore rural households, 44.4% were OBCs; 21.6% Scheduled Castes (SC); 12.3% Scheduled Tribes (ST) and 21.7% other social groups.

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What percentage of Indian population is OBC?

As of 2019, Other Backward Class (OBC) constituted the largest part of the Indian population accounting for more than 40 percent.

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What is OBC and General?

Hey, General category refers to the open and unreserved categories while OBC or other backward classes refer to the castes which come under centre list of National commission of backward classes. OBC categories are further divided into creamy layer and non creamy layer based on income.

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What does OBC mean in advertising?

An online brand community, known as OBC, is defined as “any group of consumers with a shared enthusiasm for the brand and a well-developed social identity.

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Who comes OBC category?

Other Backward Classes (OBC) are socially and educationally backward classes in India. OBCs are distinct from Scheduled Classes (SC) or Scheduled Tribes (ST). The Central Government of India maintains a list of castes/communities to be considered as OBC.

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Who are all comes under OBC?

According to the sources, the castes which are likely to find a place in the OBC list include Bhutia, Agrahari, Dosar Vaish, Jaiswar Rajput, Ruhela, Muslim Shah, Muslim Kayastha, Hindu Kayastha, Barnwal, Kamalapuri Vaish, Core Kshatriya Rajput, Dohar, Ayodhyawasi Vaish, Kesarwani Vaish, Bagwan, Omar Bania, Mahour Vaish ...

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Is OBC and OC are same?

OBC means other backward caste i.e having less oppurtunities and fairly less resources. OC means other caste i.e other then these. these are the aspects on which OBC's are given oppurtunities to make every caste equal in our society.

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How was OBC formed?

After Independence, the First Backward Class Commission in 1953 headed by Kaka Kalelkar, a Gandhian, faced a major handicap because of a lack of accurate population estimates. The last census ever done on the basis of caste was in 1931 and it determined that OBCs formed 52 per cent of the population.

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Is OBC a community?

OBC is not a minority community. OBC is a category used by the Government of India to classify people that are educationally or socially disadvantaged.

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How do I know my caste?

To check the caste certificate status of your SC/ST/OBC application, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Step 1: Visit the official website.
  2. Step 2: Provide the requested application number.
  3. Step 3: Verify caste certificate status.
  4. Step 1: Visit the official website.
  5. Step 2: Provide the details of your caste certificate.
Jul 27, 2022

What does OBC stand for? (2023)
Which caste is rich in India?

Brahmin. Brahmins are at the top of the four Hindu castes, consisting of clergy and intellectuals. Suppose we consider the Vedic documents. The Brahmins were advisors to the Maharajas, Mughals, and officials of the army.

Which is the top caste in India?

A hierarchical system wherein generally the Brahmins were at the head of the hierarchy, but this hierarchy was disputed in some cases. In various linguistic areas, hundreds of castes had a gradation generally acknowledged by everyone.

Which state has highest percentage of OBC in India?

Southern states have the highest proportion of OBC students with Tamil Nadu at 71% followed by Kerala with almost 69% and Karnataka with 62%. In the north, Bihar at 61% has the highest proportion of OBCs, followed by Uttar Pradesh with 54% and Rajasthan with 48%.

Is OBC and SC same?

How is SC/ST different from OBC? The SC/ST are people who belong to the oppressed, deprived classes of society. The OBC is where the people are oppressed, deprived, and isolated based on their educational qualifications. Furthermore, the SC/STs were recognized under the Government of India 1935 act.

Does OBC come under BC?

Bc (backward caste) comes under OBC category i.e other backward class which is collective term used by government of India to classify caste which are educationally or socially disadvantaged.

When did OBC reservation start in India?

On 7 August 1990, the National Front government declared that it would provide 27 per cent reservations to "socially and educationally backward classes" for jobs in central services and public undertaking.

What does OBC mean in print?

OBC. Outside Back Cover. Publishing, Technology, Advertising.

What does OBC mean in Snapchat?

Text message abbreviations and acronyms
NOWNo way out
OGOriginal gangster
240 more rows

What does OBC stand for in Roblox?

Outrageous Builders Club (abbreviated to OBC) was a Builders Club membership that gave members all of the liberties of Classic and Turbo Builders Club but with even more features.

What is creamy OBC?

At present, OBCs are entitled to 27% quota in higher educational institutions and public sector employment if the gross annual income of the parents does not exceed ₹8 lakh. A person with an annual income of ₹8 lakh and above is classified as "creamy layer" and cannot get the reservation benefits.

Which caste is general?

Hello! General category is for Brahmins, they were historically considered as upward caste.

Does Gupta come to OBC?

If your title is Gupta then chances are that you belong to obc category but I am not sure about it as it depends on your state of domicile as well so let me know the name your state of domicile so that I can help you further.

What is ur category?

The abbreviation UR stands for Unreserved category, and EWS stands for Economically Weaker section. Unreserved category means that no reservation is allotted to the said category of citizens, i.e., citizens who do not come under SC, ST, OBC, or any other quota. This category is open to every citizen of India.

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