What does bad mean in german? [Solved] (2022)

What does the German word bad mean?

The following is a list of spa towns in Germany. The word Bad (English: bath) is normally used as a prefix (Bad Vilbel) or a suffix (Marienbad, Wiesbaden) to denote the town in question is a spa town.... read more ›

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How are you all German?

The short version is: "Wie geht's?" - the "wie" means - how. "Geht" comes from "gehen" which means to go or to walk and the “ 's " comes from "es" which means it. To sum it up this means literally: how is it going. And the longer version is: "Wie geht es dir?" The "dir" means to you.... continue reading ›

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How are you in German language informal?

Wie geht es dir? This is the informal version of Wie geht es Ihnen? It's your standard way to ask how are you in German when you're talking to your friends, classmates, co-workers, or family members.... read more ›

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What is your name in German language?

How to Say What Is Your Name in German. If you want to say “What is your name?” in German, you would either say, “Wie heißen sie?” (formal) or “Wie heißt du?” (informal).... continue reading ›

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How do you say F word in German?

Ficken means to f*ck, mit jemandem ficken = to f*ck someone etc. Germans use ficken only in a sexual sense. Most f-expressions in English are translated using some form of Scheiß or Arsch.... see details ›

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What does shiza mean in German?

Scheiße, or misspelled as shiza, can be exclaimed in numerous situations, from when you stub a toe to when you miss the bus. It's also quite versatile, as you can use it as a replacement for the adjective “stupid” or to express that something sucks.... continue reading ›

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How do you respond to Danke in German?

When someone says danke, the standard response is bitte. This normally means 'please', but within the context of responding to a 'thank you', it means 'you're welcome'. If instead they say danke schön, then you should reply by saying bitte schön.... see more ›


How do you respond to Wie geht's?

How to Respond to “Wie geht's” You can respond to “Wie geht's” with just a few words or you can tell your conversation partner all about your day. It is common and even expected to follow up any answer with “und dir/Ihnen?” (what about you?) or with “und selbst?” (and yourself?).... read more ›

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How do you answer Wie geht es dir?

Small talk in German

“Wie geht's?” OR “Wie geht es dir?” Now, the classical small talk answer would be something like “fine”, “good” or “I am fine.”, “I am good.” etc. Of course one can answer the same things in German: “Gut” OR “Mir geht es gut.” / “Es geht mir gut.”... read more ›

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What are some German cuss words?

Single-Word Swears
GermanEnglish equivalentVulgarity level
Scheiße (scheisse)sh*tmild/medium
9 more rows

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What does Bad Homburg mean in German?

Bad Homburg is part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area. The town's official name is Bad Homburg v.d.Höhe, which distinguishes it from other places named Homburg. The town has become best known for its mineral springs and spa (hence the prefix Bad, meaning "bath"), and for its casino.... see details ›

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How do you say no in German?

If you want to say the word “no” in German, you would simply say, “nein.” It sounds very close to the pronunciation of the English word for the number nine.... view details ›

What does bad mean in german? [Solved] (2022)

What is the article of bad in German?

Especially for German learners the correct declension of the word Badener is crucial.
Declension Badener.
Nom.der Bad(e)nerdie Bad(e)ner
Gen.des Bad(e)nersder Bad(e)ner
Dat.dem Bad(e)nerden Bad(e)nern
Acc.den Bad(e)nerdie Bad(e)ner
... read more ›

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